Our Mission:

Help students across the United States develop a passion for computing and security through Capture the Flag training and competition

The shortfall in cyber talent the United States faces is a lack of expertise rather than a lack of applicants, caused by educational pipelines which fail to teach students the skills they need in the workforce. Cyber security Capture the Flag competitions are an effective, inexpensive, and quantifiable way to train and assess students in real-world skills. A national effort to create a competitive Capture the Flag team in every middle school, high school, and college in the country by 2027 would immediately and permanently increase the diversity and expertise of our cyber workforce.

Proposed National Strategy to Prioritize CTF Participation

  • Recurring CTF Competitions

  • An Approved Standardized Curriculum

  • CTF and Security Community Willing to Share Knowledge

  • Gov. Support to Incentivize Schools to Create and Support CTF Teams

  • Gov. Support to Increase the Visibility of Underrepresented Groups


Dennis Devey

Founder of Roppers Academy


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A CTF Team in Every School by 2027

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