The Best Introduction to Cyber Security

Theory, Technical Examples, and Tutorials

This course will not teach you how to be a hacker or a pentester. During this course you will learn theory, application, and examples of real-world threats and build a mental model for yourself about how this field works. The course is designed to be accessible for a student with no prior knowledge, but is worthwhile for any seasoned expert to take so that they can learn more about the subjects they have never had to dive into. A graduate of this course should be confident that they are fully prepared to continue their security education and protect themselves and others online.

Course curriculum

    1. Intro

    2. Passwords

    3. Who is Tracking You?

    4. Update Your Computer and Scan

    5. Support Roppers

    6. Join our Chat Room(s)

    7. Chapter Survey 1

    1. CIA(NA)

    2. Risk

    3. Threat Modeling

    4. Your Threat Model

    5. Chapter Survey 2

    1. People You Know

    2. Data Minimization

    3. Linux Password Reset

    4. Windows Password Reset

    5. Technical Attacks

    6. Lockpicking and Security

    7. OPSEC and Compartmentalization

    8. Dox Yourself First

    9. Chapter Survey 3

    1. Authentication Design

    2. Password Complexity

    3. Password Manager

    4. Hashing

    5. Two Factor Authentication

    6. Security Questions and Account Resets

    7. Outdated Extensions and Permissions

    8. Phishing

    9. Miscellaneous

    10. Chapter Survey 4

    1. Intro to Hostile Networks

    2. Protect Your IP Address

    3. IP Protections

    4. Encryption

    5. Metadata

    6. Man in the Middle

    7. Sooo.... VPNs?

    8. Chapter Survey 5

    1. Network Architecture Notes

    2. Cyber Killchain

    3. Post-Exploitation

    4. Malware Types

    5. Job Roles - Red vs Blue

    6. Phishing Case Study

    7. Chapter Survey 6

About this course

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Our goal isn't to teach you how to hack, our goal is to teach you how to learn.

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Lead Instructor Dennis Devey

I work for the US Navy doing Digital Forensics and Incident Response. Back in school I was on our competitive Cyber Security Team and focused on building training for new members. I made this website to continue the work I had done and to share it with the widest audience possible.

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