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Our flagship course was designed for you

This is a self-paced curriculum that was made to help our students over the first big learning hurdles and finally have a path forward. Our material is intended to be accessible for a student with no prior knowledge, but is worthwhile for any seasoned expert to take so that they can learn more about the subjects they have never had to dive into. Graduates of this course are fully prepared to continue their education wherever it leads.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Overview

    • Course Description

    • The Shell

    • Course Layout

    • Roppers, Your Resume, and Portfolio Building

    • Support Roppers

  • 2

    Improving You

    • Secure Yourself Now

    • How to Learn

    • Computer Related Health

    • General Wellness

    • Questions

    • Why?

    • Join our Chat Room(s)

    • Find Your Group!

    • Set Your Long Term Goals

    • Motivation

    • Introduction Survey

    • Prior Experience Survey

  • 3

    Site Overview

    • Letter From the Author

    • Hopper's...

    • ... Roppers

    • Core Tenets

    • Legal

    • Submit Your Group

    • Join Us!

    • Chapter Survey 1

  • 4


    • This Stuff is Hard

    • Hacker Attitude

  • 5

    Linux Command Line

    • Linux Certificate

    • Operating Systems

    • First Assignment

    • Linux History and Ubuntu

    • Shells

    • Learning Linux Commands

    • Command Line Basics

    • Bash Internals and Unix Philosophy

    • Chapter Survey 2.5

    • Command Line Review

  • 6

    Build a Linux Lab

    • Virtualization

    • Virtualization Software

    • Install Ubuntu

    • Virtualization Tools

    • Make it Your Own!

    • Updating Linux and Packages

    • Installing Programs

    • Chapter Survey 3

    • Support Roppers Pt. 2

  • 7

    Linux Basics

    • Man-Pages

    • More Man-Pages

    • Basics of Networking

    • Little Bit More Networking

    • Over the Wire: Bandit 0-4

    • Mid-Chapter Survey 4

    • Maintaining Motivation

    • Text-Fu

    • Text Editors

    • Search

    • Regex

    • Over the Wire: Bandit 5-9

    • Useful Linux Tips

    • Chapter Survey 4

    • Join Our CTF Team!

  • 8


    • Abstraction

    • Bits and Binary

    • Computers are Deterministic

    • Digital Logic

    • Fetch, Decode, Execute

    • Machine Code and Assembly

    • Hardware History

    • Modern Hardware

    • Hex and More

    • Chapter Survey 5

  • 9

    Advanced Linux

    • Linux Filesystem

    • Linux Filesystem Hierarchy

    • Resizing Your VM

    • Linux Permissions

    • Permissions and Umask

    • Bored Yet?

    • Linux User Management

    • Mid-Chapter Survey 6

    • Passwords and Hashing

    • How to Type

    • Linux Processes

    • Over the Wire: 10-15

    • Advanced Bash Shell

    • Submit a Writeup and Get a Certificate!

    • Support Roppers Pt. 3

    • Chapter Survey 6

  • 10

    Programming Basics

    • Programming

    • Modern IDE

    • Git Hello World

    • Github and Compile with Make

    • Build a Website with HTML, CSS, and Javascript

    • Basic Bash Scripting

    • Python

    • Chapter Survey 7

  • 11

    Next Steps

    • Show What You Know

    • How to Learn Python

    • What Course Next?

Our goal isn't to teach you how to hack, our goal is to teach you how to learn.

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What Our Students Have to Say

Aubrey Cottle aka Kirtaner

Founder of Anonymous

During a Reddit AMA:

Q: "Hi Aubrey, I’m interested in learning more about cybersecurity, etc., are there any books/resources you can recommend??"
A: "I've been recommending the following resource to people. https://www.hoppersroppers.org ... such a good resource that I was able to put the Insurgency Wiki revamp on the lower priority list."

Toni Scott

Cybersecurity and Intelligence Student

The best place on the Internet to start your journey is Dennis Devey's Hopper's Roppers Academy.

Honoring the iconic Grace Hopper while inspiring and empowering you to learn. I’m enrolled in 5 courses at The Roppers Academy and this has been hands down the best course I’ve taken during my 5 year journey. It took me two years to even find what one half of these courses cover. Bonus points.... it’s free!
Join me, I’d love to see you on my CTF team.

Tony Robinson aka da_667

From his book: Building Virtual Machine Labs: A Hands-on Guide

The training has an information security focus, with the express goal of allowing "aspiring cyber security professionals to learn and grow". While some of the material is still a work in progress, the Introduction to Computing Fundamentals curriculum covers a huge variety of different topics, and provides a very strong starting point. The course is very hands-on with the instructor telling you what they would like you to accomplish with a lesson, providing links to resources to help you meet that goal, and providing a Slack channel for students to seek help.
From the book: Building VM Labs

Kevin Crowe


I can't thank you enough. Before this course, everything I tried (every course, tutorial, linkedin learning units) left me more confused than when I started. I went down the rabbit holes, got lost, got discouraged, and ultimately gave up. Now, I feel almost as if I could take on ANY course, ANY challenge, and with the tools your course gave me and enough time, I would be able to succeed. I think you've really got some things right with your course and your strategies.
I have struggled with traditional learning settings in the past. The way Roppers is structured allowed to me continue being excited and enjoy learning as I went. Though this course takes hard work, it isn't a chore. I feel ready and excited to jump into more complex and specialised courses


Lead Instructor

Dennis Devey

I am an independent security researcher who is into education, malware command and control, and endpoint hardening. Back in school I was on our competitive Cyber Security Team and focused on building training for new members. I made this website to continue the work I had done and to share it with the widest audience possible.

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