Why We Focus on the Fundamentals

The cyber domain is so interconnected and expansive that there is little chance of an expert knowing everything that they need to do their job on a day to day basis, much less someone who is just getting started.

A technical baseline is required to be successful, but for people who operate in this domain the majority of time is spent doing research and applying critical thinking to the complex interactions that occur at the boundaries between areas of knowledge. Education that intends to prepare a student for success in this field must emphasize how a student should learn and the right way to approach problems, rather than a series of walkthroughs that teach how to solve specific problems. Competency Based Education is designed to test mastery and develop the desired mindset through assessments, while still being accessible for the new student, which makes it the optimal framework to engineer a cyber education curriculum around.

The training portion of the site is designed to teach core competencies and more importantly, provide a wide base of knowledge on how to find and use the resources available. Students can't learn everything, but we can give them everything they need to be prepared for whatever comes next.